How To Build Healthy Boundaries For A Reiki Healer

How To Build Healthy Boundaries For A Reiki Healer

Is “Yes” a sign of positivity and saying “No” a sign of negativity? It took me a couple of decades to understand the power of setting healthy boundaries. A few self-help books and gurus suggest you to avoid using negative words like no, not, etc., In my own experience, I realized it’s important to know when to say “No” and set healthy boundaries for yourself, especially if you’re a healer.
The healer explores “building healthy boundaries” throughout their healing journey. It’s often misunderstood as a sign of selfishness. Saying “no” doesn’t mean cutting off people who don’t fulfill your needs. Setting healthy boundaries is accepting/rejecting that which affects your peace of mind.

Honor Your Boundaries through Reiki 

A Reiki healer must receive a fee in return to their service according to the Reiki principle. It aims to respect the Law of the Universe; energy exchange for cosmic balance. The healer (giver) and the healee (receiver) decide on the energy exchange as a sign of gratitude to the healer’s healing service. 
Reiki has equipped me to understand my power of free will as a human being. I was 15 when I received my first Reiki initiation. A teenager who had no clue about healing and Reiki started her journey as a Reiki healer. It’s true, Reiki chooses you to help you heal yourself and the world. She sees the potential in you as she is the Cosmic Energy; The Creator. 
Initially, I struggle to disagree with a person. I crib and cringe for several days and weeks with regret. In the long-term, I witnessed how things pan out over the course of time. It’s like Reiki pointing out to me that I failed to see the bigger picture. The decision to say no was the best for me and the people involved.
Learn how to tackle criticisms with the practice of self-acceptance. I’ve written two different blog posts to elaborate on this subject. They can help you get a better understanding of real-life experiences from my own healing journey.

Here’s my experience of setting healthy boundaries as a Reiki healer

Once I received an offer from one of my Reiki teachers to join her as a full-time Reiki healer. She wanted me to offer my healing services exclusively for her clients. I was one of the first few students who received the offer. Though I owed my Reiki teacher payment dues for a few classes, my intuition guided me to stay away from this offer. I felt that it would affect my peace of mind as a healer.
In Reiki meditation, HSZSN came to my rescue as always. The Reiki symbol helped strengthen my solidarity and integrity as a healer. Whether I practice Reiki as a healer or just a woman lost in her thoughts, Reiki’s guidance is loud and clear. Reiki said I had to start my healing journey as a Reiki healer with my own identity, values, and moral beliefs.
My teacher offered to train and share with me 50% of the client’s fees. Still, I couldn’t convince myself to say yes. I felt that the client’s had to pay a hefty amount which was against my will. So, I rejected the offer after considering the pros and cons of the offer as a Reiki healer. About 6 months later, I got my answers. I got to know why Reiki didn’t let me accept my Reiki teacher’s offer to include me as part of her healer’s group.
I came across my Reiki friends who have joined my Reiki teacher’s healers’ group. a few months later. They realized the path they chose wasn’t for their highest good and decided to go their separate ways. I learned a valuable lesson about listening to my intuition every time. I’m sensitive to people’s energy fields since I’m clairsentient in nature. It helps me in several ways as a healer and a human.

How Reiki Empowers Healers To Say No

Now in hindsight, Reiki has played an important role in my life, My sense of empathy empowers me. Though it felt like a burden in the past. I was not committed to Reiki practice several times. But, the mother watches out for her child. So, does Reiki.
The Reiki symbol HSZSN teaches compassion and communication. The symbol calls out to me when I’m faced with dilemmas to decide on setting healthy boundaries in my life. I seek Reiki’s guidance even before traveling to new places. There have been instances when I’ve canceled my travel plans owing to Reiki’s timely warning. The guidances are subtle but, powerful sending love and light straight to my heart.
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How has Reiki empowered you during your life journey? Please share your experiences to heal the world. Let’s spread love and light!

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