How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

Who welcomes criticisms? I couldn’t handle the slightest criticisms about a year ago. It triggered me to react rather than respond. Is it good for a Reiki healer who faces many criticisms in their healing journey, every day? Often, people judge you due to their own insecurities and limited knowledge about healing. You’ve to tackle several misconceptions in society about healing and healers.

How does a Reiki healer deal with criticism?

I would like to narrate my personal experience during Reiki healing.
A few months back a mother of two approached me for Reiki healing. She complained that her health, finances, and relationships were in troubled waters. I accepted to do my part as a Reiki healer for her highest good.
I conveyed to her healing is not a quick fix to any problems. Reiki will offer her the highest good in Divine Timing. She agreed to my briefing on how Reiki works and received distance healing for 21 days.
She would call/message me every day even after my Reiki healing hours. I knew she was restless and tried my best to reply to her calls. She felt calmer and composed day by day. On the 21st day, she was in a much better state of mind due to her 21 days of Reiki healing sessions. She was overjoyed and wrote good feedback on Facebook.  
After a week, she wrote to me she didn’t find any improvements in her life even after Reiki healing sessions. She narrated all the incidents she faced after I completed Reiki healing for her. She also added she paid me her hard-earned money which turned out to be useless. I, again, explained to her that healing is not time-bound and results are not always as expected. She didn’t follow a few of my guidance and looked for quick fixes though I informed her otherwise.

Why Seld-Acceptance Matters in Your Healing Journey?

How could I change anybody’s perspective towards Reiki? A Reiki healer is but a guide on the healing journey. We don’t create or delete anybody’s problems. We simply help them come to terms with their problems in a more sensible way. Self-Acceptance! 
I felt hurt and refunded the money to her after this incident. I couldn’t sit in meditation for about 3 months since then. It created a huge scar in my mind. I finally came to terms with my situation. How could I be more detached with feedback, in general? It was valuable learning in my Reiki healing experience.
Later, I realized I had a life pattern of judging/criticizing myself. I thought bad of myself to receive money in exchange for my healing services. So, I was inviting the same unhealthy vibrations from people who received healing from me. I needed to heal myself first to overcome this repeated pattern in my life. People and situations you encounter always mirror your inner Self.

How do you make peace with criticisms in Reiki healing?

§ Give yourself permission to feel hurt or angry.
In my honest opinion, making peace with that which hurts you is an ongoing journey. If you begin to see the pattern in situations that repeat themselves in your life, you’ll learn and grow from it. But, if you suppress or hide your emotions then you’ll never overcome them.
§ Try to delay your reaction. Don’t reply to any criticisms at the heat of the moment.
The rule holds good for both social media and face-to-face conversations. I’ve done that mistake once and I didn’t feel good about it, later. Instead of reacting to the heat of the moment, you need to respond to the heart of the moment. Remember, the other person might be in any kind of pain. You’ll be able to empathize with them only when you calm down first.
§ Don’t take any feedback, personally.
A Reiki healer channels/send the Divine Energy of the Universe. We don’t own anything to give it away. So, why do you take offense when someone criticizes you or your practice? Surrender the good and bad comments to Reiki and do not own them. You’re not the doer and so, you don’t own the criticisms too.
You’ve chosen your journey as a Reiki healer to serve humanity and the Universe. It’s your own choice out of your free will to serve. So, let your higher purpose guide you to greater deeds. You can learn from criticisms or judgments if they’re valid. Remember, wisdom is in every spoken and unspoken word.
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