How To Heal A Hurting Memory with Reiki

How To Heal A Hurting Memory with Reiki

I’m not a craftsperson. Or, at least that’s what I thought to myself. A couple of years ago, I started exploring art & craft as a form of therapy to heal my depressive thoughts. Well, healers have their downtime too. The best way to heal your mind is to heal your memories. Yes, your thoughts are manifestations of your memories. Negative thoughts could be coming from hurtful memories.
Why don’t you check on yourself with Reiki? There are several different creative ways to heal a memory along with Reiki like pencil sketching, coloring books, journaling, etc., Isn’t watching Youtube art tutorials calming for the mind? It made me wonder why I didn’t practice art at all. Most children like drawing and coloring while always took to reading and writing. I realized it’s my childhood memories that influenced my likes and dislikes, beliefs and behaviors as an adult.

My Hurtful Memory from My Childhood

Yes, I had a childhood memory from my 4th Grade art class that made me fear making art all my life.
It was a moment of revelation for me.  The hurtful memory in which my art teacher laughed at my drawings and the whole class joined in to make fun of me cut off my relationship with art forever. I was7 or 8 years old, maybe. From then on, I feared that others will laugh at me and stopped drawing.  I couldn’t gather the guts to draw a simple straight line with a pencil. It was that disturbing and hurtful for me to draw. But, I wanted to heal the memory that created this fear within me. 
I chose biology as a major subject in high school. But, I couldn’t draw to save my grades. Though I excelled in my studies, I failed miserably in drawing biological beings on paper. I couldn’t help it. The fear of drawing or practicing any art for that matter has stayed with me from my Grade 4 till this moment. I’ve been trying to work on healing this memory from time to time. Still, I have a long way to go to come of the fear of being made fun of for my drawings.

Activity: Heal A Memory

Teaching and parenting lay the foundation for every child’s future. How teachers and parents interact with their students/children can make or break a child’s psyche and persona at a deeper level. It could make a strong impact on a child lasting a lifetime. So, if you’ve any similar experiences you can invoke Reiki to heal you to do better.
Here’s a small activity that I practice for Reiki Healers to heal your memory through self-healing. 

HZN/ Reiki symbol 1: Heal A Memory 

She helps you connect to yourself and the Divine energy of Reiki beyond time and space. In our 3 dimensional worlds, your experience or memory is in the past. In higher dimensions, 5D and above there is no past, present, or future. You can heal an experience or memory irrespective of its time. Invoke HZN to heal you in the past, present, and future. You have the power to stop your past or present spilling over your future.
§ You can visualize the exact moment when you experienced the memory. You can recall the time of the day, location, people who you’re with at that time. Or, anything other specific visual detail that you remember about the moment.
§ You can sense and be aware of the emotions that you experienced during the incident. Don’t take yourself on task for crying or feeling any hurtful emotions. As a healer, you know better.
§ You can hear the exact words spoken to you or the weight of the silence around you. Allow yourself to experience the moment without regrets.

SHK/ Reiki symbol 2: Heal A Memory

She connects you emotionally and mentally with hurtful memories. You’ll never know how you’ll feel or react when you’re in the middle of healing yourself from your past or present. Seek the Divine Love of the symbol to stay grounded during your healing.
§ You can seek the support and guidance of other healers or a loved one whom you trust.
§ You’re healing. It’s both empowering and challenging at the same time. Welcome the experience. It will gift you freedom and peace.
§ Be compassionate to yourself. If you can forgive yourself or the people involved, for a hurtful memory, please do so. Or, you can seek Reiki’s guidance on how to move on from the memory.

CKR/ Reiki symbol 3: Heal A Memory 

She helps you empower and protect yourself from hurtful memories. Healing calls for a lot of power, perseverance, and patience. This symbol brings forth the Divine Power to guide you in your healing journey.
§ Step 1: Acknowledge your hurtful memories and the emotions that they trigger 
§ Step 2: Appreciate yourself for your willingness to heal your hurtful memories 
§ Step 3: Accept yourself as you are at the moment. The healing will begin! 
Practicing art is only a part of the answer. Healing a hurtful memory that has created a limiting belief in you is the most important task for a Reiki Healer. When you heal others in your healing journey, you’ll also have to heal and
empower yourself day after day for your highest good. Think of all the possibilities if you don’t limit yourself with fear and self-doubt. Motivate yourself to do better than you! 
Though I’m not yet ready to sign-up for art classes, I’m learning from online tutorials at present. I fear not being good enough in an art class among other talented students. I often shy away from joining art classes for the same reason. I’ll move on to learn from an art teacher sooner, hopefully. 

In summary

What are your limiting beliefs? Do you see any pattern of events in your life? 
We often overlook a memory or an emotion that comes along with the memory as too silly to take it seriously. If it’s on your mind, even in any corner of your mind then it’s worth your time to heal it right away. Or, it could create an imbalance in you at any point in time in the future. Why take the chance? Meditate, connect with your memory, and invoke Reiki.
Take the time to connect to your ‘Self’. Please share this article in your social circle if you find it helpful & interesting. Wishing you Love & Light!
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