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How To Heal Electronic Devices with Reiki

I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with all my electronic devices right from the start. I visit the service center every other month for different reasons. My first smartphone or latest iPhone have all undergone a series of breakdowns from time to time. Is it a healer’s jinx? Well, I almost gave up using smartphones and switched to basic models. But, Reiki healing made me realize that there was a better solution to my jinxed relationship with electronic devices. Yes, I had a moment of self-discovery when I healed my laptop with Reiki symbols.
I would like to share my experience with you about healing to electronic devices.
I’m a freelance writer apart from being a Reiki healer. I always had strict deadlines at work and my love-hate relationship with my laptop got me into a lot of trouble at work. I didn’t have the budget to buy a new laptop back then. So, I put my creativity into action since I was often risking my reputation with my clients.
In 2017-19, I struggled for several months with my broken laptop. The authorized service center couldn’t get it repaired. But, Reiki did! It was a crucial moment in my career break when I was depending on freelance projects for an income. My laptop was my only rescue. Since then I started invoking Reiki to heal electronic appliances. Reiki has healed a 30-year-old water pump, smartphones, blenders, and laptops to date. It’s a rewarding experience to connect with Reiki and heal electronic gadgets. They understand and respond to Reiki’s healing without a fuss.
Tada! The “aha” moment happened. I was a newborn Reiki healer, then. So, I started invoking Reiki to guide me.

Here’s how Reiki healing helped me connect with electronic devices 


§ The Reiki guidance was spot on! I placed my right hand on the base of the laptop and invoked each Reiki symbol one by one to help me finish my work on time.
§ Reiki symbol 1 (HZN) helped me to connect with the laptop in a spiritual context. I send waves of gratitude to the laptop and every soul who took part in manufacturing this laptop and sold it to me. It was my very first investment after I got my first salary. I channeled healing towards the laptop across time and space for its good health. It felt truly beautiful to connect with it with mindful awareness.
§ Reiki symbol 2 (SHK) helped me empathize and be grateful to my laptop. It had supported for more than 7 years now. I experienced an amazing heart-to-machine bond when I connected with my laptop through Reiki. My laptop technically struggled to stay active while I was busy working for hours without a break. I felt bad for my overworked laptop. Yes, it’s time to send it to rest.
§ Reiki symbol 3 (CKR) helped me channel power and sense of security to my laptop. It was empowering to experience the healing of inanimate objects. I thought they weren’t receptive to healing but, they are. It opened up an all-new perspective to me, to say the least. I invoked Reiki to help heal my laptop. At this point, I was open to accepting whether my laptop continued to work or needed to rest forever in peace. I allowed the Universe to show me the way to get my work done.
§ Now, I tried switching on the laptop for about 15 mins. Nothing happened. I left my desk for a while and tried again once I got back to work. I was spellbound to find my laptop started without any problem. Still doubtful, I was busy counting the seconds for my laptop to get inactive. But, it didn’t.
§ I’m grateful to The Creator, Reiki, my laptop, and myself for this amazing Reiki experience.
§ I appreciate all that my laptop has done for me to date. I treat all electronic gadgets with care since they make our daily life easier.
(I’m clairsentient by nature. I empathize and experience the varied emotions of other beings and objects. In my experience, inanimate objects are open to receive healing like living beings.)

In Summary

Reiki can heal not only people, places, situations, and all living beings but also non-living things like electronic devices and wooden furniture. It’s true that the things you carry with you hold onto your energy. That’s why it’s best to declutter your wardrobe and home every now and then. It helps you stay afresh from unwarranted memories from the past. You can always resort to the help of Reiki through a certified Reiki healer to heal memories stored in inanimate objects that are precious to you; heirloom furniture or gift from beloved ones. They need healing as much as we do. 
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