How to Heal Yourself in a Narcissistic Relationship

The irony in a narcissistic relationship is that the person at the receiving end doesn’t realize they’re being manipulated until the relationship has gone sour.

If it’s a romantic relationship, then it all feels rosy and beautiful in the beginning until slowly, the narcissist partner takes away the inner power of the other. But, the toughest are the relationships with a narcissist family member. You’ll have to brave all odds to reclaim your inner power while fighting against your natural instinct to forgive them.

Narcissists will play all their cards to get to others and use them to meet their needs. It doesn’t matter whether they’re your family member or not. You’ll have to stay true and strong to yourself. Remember, you’re answerable to your Higher Self for how you’re treating yourself and how you allow others to treat you, as well.

Here are a few common traits amongst all narcissists in the world.

  • Lack of empathy
    ● Self-indulgent
    ● Self-glorifying delusions
    ● Sense of entitlement
    ● Sense of superiority

A narcissist person’s world is weaved out of a web of seemingly true lies. They challenge even the most emotionally intelligent people to fall for their “too good to be true” persona. The “Ego Self” portrays a false aura of superiority, attractiveness, and strength while their “Higher Self” is subdued beyond reach.

As Reiki Healers, it’s our spiritual learning to identify and understand the root cause of all imbalances in all living beings. Just like a doctor looks for the cause of the problem for an illness, we look for the cause of energy imbalances in persons, places, and all other living beings. You need to first guard yourself – body, mind, emotions, and soul against their false pretense.

Heal Time and Space

  1. Invoke HZN to allow you to connect to the beginning of time when you first encountered your soul contract or a karmic pattern that connects you to a narcissistic person.
  2. Revoke all vows, pacts, pledges, promises, and bonds that invited toxic relationships in your life in all your past, present, and future births.
  3. Ask HZN to show you your triggers – a person, memory, or emotion that connects you to such toxic relationships and heal yourself first, and then, others as well.
  4. Thank HZN.

Heal Your Mental Health & Emotional Health

  1. Invoke SHK to nourish and nurture yourself mentally snd emotionally since toxic relationships can be daunting and exhausting for victims and their families.
  2. Revoke all negative, unhealthy memories and emotions associated with the toxic relationships in your lives – before, now, and in the future.
  3. Ask SHK to nurse you as a baby in mother’s womb – let go of the person, memory, or emotion that connects you to such toxic relationships and heal yourself first, and then, your family.
  4. Thank SHK.

Empower Yourself

  1. Invoke CKR to bring back your power of “Self” to yourself. In a narcissistic relationship, your self-respect will be questioned and your self-doubts will get the best of you when you’re around him/her.
  2. Command your power by cleansing, balancing, and energizing your Swaddhistana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, and Anahata Chakra.
  3. Ask CKR to show you your core strengths – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically and empower yourself and your loved ones (family and friends) during the challenging times to break free from the toxic relationship.
  4. Simply, cut all cords binding you with the narcissist person with the strength and support of CKR.
  5. Thank CKR.

Clarity is a luxury that you might not have in a narcissistic relationship. You can turn to the magnanimity of Reiki to help you stand tall in such toxic relationships. We often follow hidden thought and karmic patterns in our lives, either consciously or subconsciously. As a result, it’s crucial for you to identify your patterns and heal them with Reiki or other spiritual healing practices that best suits you.

If you’re a narcissistic person who is looking to transmute energy within you, then sit with a Reiki healer and soak in the healing energy of Reiki. Surrender and let go of all sense of control/insecurity within you for the good of yourself and those around you. Your true intentions are what matters the most to help you heal yourself. Thank you for your efforts!

Dear Lightworker, are you or anyone in your circle of love and light having a tough time with a narcissist person? Remember, you owe yourself a happy and healthy relationship. Wishing you love and light!


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