How To Restart Your Day with Reiki Bubble Meditation

How To Restart Your Day with Reiki Bubble Meditation

Air bubbles fascinate me. Most grown-ups become childlike for a few moments when they watch air bubbles floating in the air. Reiki bubbles are healing in nature. You cannot see them but feel and experience them during the Reiki bubble meditation. They’re subtle energy bubbles that help you heal your body, mind, heart, and soul in a subtle way.

The artwork ‘Love’ by Aleksander Milov, Ukraine reminds me of the bubble that we are. We break at the smallest touch; easily triggered and increasingly vulnerable. The ‘Ego’ self willfully chooses to break bonds but the ‘Inner Child’ self is unconditionally loving and compassionate. Though the disparity between your ego and inner child is a glaringly obvious setback you’re your own healer.

As a healer, you’re constantly evolving and transforming yourselves from time to time. Meditation is a beautiful experience of your‘Self’ by your‘Self’ for your‘Self’.

Break the bubble!

Do you know what makes you angry, hurt, or sad? Yes, negative and positive emotions are nothing but memories of your experiences. During meditation, you can connect with your memories and heal them one by one. Here’s my article on healing hurtful memories through Reiki meditation.

The Bubble Shower Meditation to Rejuvenate Yourself

Image by Andre Furtado

The ‘Reiki Bubble’ meditation

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe slow and deep to calm your mind and body.
  3. Observe you. Observe everything and anything you think or feel at this moment.
  4. Visualize yourself being amidst a shower of rainbow-colored bubbles pouring down from the sky and the heavens above. It starts with a drizzle and slowly builds up to a heavy shower of bubbles.
  5. Remember, each bubble is the purest form of Divine Energy. Be creative. Imagine the bubbles to be Angels, Reiki symbols, or Mother Nature’s Spirit Guides.
  6. Play with the bubbles to your heart’s content. Let them soak you with wellness and abundance. Let the bubbles sit on you and burst into a medley of colors each a blessing from the Divine Creator.
  7. Experience the moment. Relax! Embrace the divine blessings showered upon you. Feel the bubbles touching you and popping out.
  8. Become your child ‘Self’ this very moment. Let go and welcome ‘You’ as you are at this moment.
  9. Thank the Divine Creator, Universe, Reiki, All Divine Beings, the founder of Reiki, your Reiki teacher, and yourself.

When I stand amidst the Reiki bubbles shower I feel my larger than life-sized ego bubble pop out into thin air. I become open to receiving Reiki guidance. I surrender myself to my childlike enthusiasm with gratitude. Every inch of space that surrounds me is filled with Reiki bubbles; showering healing energy on my energy bodies. I’m healing at every level of my consciousness – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

How does Reiki meditation help you?

Reiki builds self-awareness. It tunes you to listen to your inner voice. A Reiki bubble meditation can help you become more aware of your ego with unconditional love from the Creator and Reiki. Next time you catch yourself getting angry or sad, practice the Reiki bubble meditation to help you let go of your ego and accept your divinity.

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