How To Empower A Reiki Healer through Self-Acceptance

How To Empower A Reiki Healer through Self-Acceptance

Reiki is Cosmic Energy that resides within every living being. According to Vedic tradition, we have 5 energy bodies or “koshas” surrounding our human body. A Reiki healer is the person attuned to Reiki’s healing tradition. They practice Reiki as a true calling to spread the light of healing wisdom to the world. They meditate on healthy intentions, thoughts, and actions to empower our energy bodies, and deliver holistic healing.
Today, healers are spreading the light (knowledge) in their own ways. Every healer’s journey is unique and impactful. It’s even more important for healers to accept themselves and their healing journey. Aren’t we humans after all? Humans with a meaningful purpose, of course.
It isn’t an easy task to spread the light (knowledge) among those who don’t believe in it. Self-doubt can be a huge deal-breaker in this journey for healers. First, you’ll have to accept that you’re healing yourself every time you’re healing others. Self-love and self-care are the keys to healing. Ground yourself and balance your light and dark selves to fulfill the Divine Purpose.

My learnings as a Reiki Healer 

Healing others is not possible without self-healing. Your journey as a healer will start and end with you as a person. That’s exactly why I insist on self-acceptance and self-
A message to me from Reiki Symbol 1 – 
“You cannot run or hide from your experiences, and memories; pleasant or unpleasant. So, you might as well embrace and accept them as they are. Once you’re ready to learn from your past and pain, you’re free to live the present. You’re free to create the future you want to live.”

What can you do to practice self-care during Reiki healing?

  • You need not know all the answers to your client’s questions. It’s not necessary for a healer to know everything and be everything at all times.
  • It’s your free will to either respond or refuse to a healing request. You can always pray for the person who requested healing without sending healing.
  • Protect yourself at all times before, during, and after a healing session. Stay protected even though you’re consulting for a client.
  • Stay detached from the healee, their problems, and results after completing healing.
  • Your faith and willingness to serve is what sets you apart from those who don’t heal. Do not judge others for choosing a different life path for their soul’s journey is different.
As a Reiki healer, your intention/thought/action is more powerful. It can set a ripple of consequences, too. Why judge? Self-acceptance helps you stay committed to your healing practice even during difficult times. Criticisms are common when people don’t understand your journey. You might even experience energy imbalances at times. In my own Reiki experiences, I have faced judgments and criticisms. I meditate on Reiki Symbol 1 to sail through those situations.
I’ve realized that whenever I’m attached to a client’s situation, I experience energy imbalances in me. When I sit for Reiki self-healing practice, I faced my long-term insecurities. I developed an awareness of unhealthy patterns in my life through Reiki. It helped me gain a deeper level of self-acceptance. One of my Reiki healing experience taught me to practice Seld-Acceptance during criticisms
You’ll need to start with accepting yourself just the way you are. Then, transformation is inevitable. 
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